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About us

We are a consulting firm that has been specializing in mechanical and electrical building engineering services since 1996. We offer bilingual engineering services in French and English across Canada, mainly in the retail sector, but the scope of our expertise extends into a broad range of other areas as well.

Our Mission

Since the foundation of our engineering consulting firm in 1996, we have played the role of true partners with our clients. Flexible in our approach and rigorous in our actions, our commitment towards them is unwavering. We accompany them from the selection of spaces to the evaluation of the building’s life cycle. It’s in our culture: a 360 degree view in each project we execute. The result? Impeccable realizations, true to the set objectives.

Project Diversity

Our concern for quality and our pragmatic spirit combined with our strong expertise in mandate management, with tight schedules and budgets, allows us to successfully realize projects in many sectors including offices, banks, schools, restaurants, housing complexes and industries.


We have developed a highly specialized and effective expertise in the retail sector. Over time, we gradually increased our visibility with shopping centres and their managers. Today these managers contact us directly for their base building projects, because they know that the majority of their tenants will become our clients. This synergy positions us as a strategic partner and facilitator between all the participants in this market.


After starting his career in a large Montreal engineering firm, Philippe Dallaire founded his own company in 1996. He quickly positioned his company to be a key partner to the shopping centre and retail sectors. Today, after more than 8 000 projects, Dallaire Consultants’ team of around 50 employees enjoys a solid reputation in these markets.

Presence throughout Canada

With more than 500 projects per year across Canada, we are recognized as the most reputable and experienced Canadian firm in our field of expertise. We are accredited in every province, and our knowledge of municipal codes and regulations in Canada makes the process of obtaining construction permits that much faster.


Our expertise

We analyse and design mechanical and electrical systems in order to create safe, comfortable and friendly spaces. Our projects focus on innovative and economical solutions that meet the wishes and needs of our clients. Our team is dedicated to finding inventive solutions that offer the best return on investment.

Mechanical engineering

We analyse and design air-conditioning, heating and ventilation systems to create healthy and comfortable spaces. We work continually to reduce both installation costs and energy consumption.

> Plumbing
> Automated controls
> Fire protection
> Heating/Chilled water/Heat pump loop

Electrical engineering

We analyse and design electrical, lighting, security and telecommunications cabling systems. Our team keeps up on the latest technology in order to constantly offer better solutions to our clients.

> Normal and emergency distribution
> Interior and exterior lighting
> Generator set
> Fire alarms
> Telecommunications (structured cable network)
> Security (access control)

Sustainable development, energy efficiency and LEED certification

Sustainable development, energy efficiency and innovation are integral design criteria at the start of any of our projects. We evaluate energy efficiency and make proposals that allow our clients to make informed choices so that the project complies with the most stringent standards of energy efficiency. The increased value of these designs helps reduce operational and maintenance costs, which directly influences the global budgets of these projects.

In the past five years, we have completed more than 15 LEED projects, including NC, CI, CS rated commercial and institutional projects.

Finally, we are members of the CaGBC. This accreditation is evidence of our commitment to the future of green building in Canada.

DALLAIRE CONSULTANTS canada green building council


We offer our clients the commissioning of equipment. Moreover, to complete the cycle of operations, we propose an additional commissioning after one year of operation. Here is an approach that allows systems to be adjusted according to actual operating conditions.

Fire protection

Dallaire Consultants has expertise in the design of fire protection systems for all types of buildings, from industrial, institutional and commercial buildings to seniors’ residences and residential properties. We carry out needs analyses, evaluate site specifications, draw up plans and specifications, make hydraulic calculations, conduct flow tests, analyze compliance requirements and perform seismic analyses in addition to supervising the site.

Our personnel are members of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE).

> Sprinkler systems, control mode and ESFR
> Standpipe systems
> Wet pipe, dry preaction and deluge sprinkler systems
> Gas and foam systems, and special applications
> Water mist systems
> Electric and diesel fire pumps
> Water accumulation tanks for fire protection systems
> Private outdoor systems and fire hydrants
> Water tests

National Fire Protection Association Society of Fire Protection Engineers

Our services

We offer turnkey or custom solutions tailored to your needs. At the start of a project, we present clear and precise details of the expected deliverables, which ensures we achieve the budget objectives. We are more than a consulting engineering firm; we are partners in your successful projects.


We identify clients’ needs according to their choice of site. This allows us to optimize the project design right from the start.

> Start up project planning and renovation of shopping centres
> Preliminary study
> Design
> Development of schedules and work phases
> Feasibility study when researching a location
> Tenant/owner negotiations and coordination
> Assistance in writing leases (Schedule B-C)
> Due diligence study
> Lighting analysis
> NFPA 96 commercial hood inspection
> Energy efficiency analysis
> LEED certification support


We have developed recognized expertise in surveying existing equipment, which greatly improves design precision.

> Estimate of construction costs
> Site survey
> Plans and specifications
> Preparation of the construction budget
> Grant requests
> Permit applications

Construction site

We aim for success in all our projects. We offer support on the site throughout the project. The size of our firm ensures we can provide effective interventions and follow-up in emergency situations.

> Site and schedule follow-up
> Final approval
> Commissioning
> Payment request


Our achievements

We have completed projects on a diverse range of spaces and buildings. But, really, we only do one thing: design the best electrical and mechanical systems, whatever the project, deadlines, location or complexity.

At a glance

Since 1996, Dallaire Consultants have completed more than 8 000 projects for a wide variety of companies throughout Canada. You’ll find a brief summary in:

Our portfolio

Here is an overview of our activities that illustrates the scope of our achievements: various retail projects, LEED projects, offices, banks, schools, restaurants, and residential and industrial complexes.

Our team

Dallaire Consultants puts a team of the most competent engineers, technicians and designers in the industry at your disposal. They are well aware of the latest technological developments and most recent regulations everywhere in Canada.

Team Member

Philippe Dallaire, Eng.

President and founder

Philippe founded Dallaire Consultants in 1996. He gradually grew the firm into a solid concern that is now recognized as a Canadian reference in retail engineering services. A practitioner in both mechanical and electrical engineering and brilliantly supported by the management team, Philippe ensures that Dallaire Consultants is a trusted partner in the field. A man of great integrity and intellectual curiosity, Philippe possesses a natural leadership and is keenly interested in the people around him. His other passions? History, road bike racing and refurbishing old motorcycles! pdallaire@dallaireconsultants.com

A unique team

We are extremely proud of having built a successful company that combines the solid and proven expertise of the founding personnel and the bold and innovative approaches brought by our new personnel. We enjoy creating a pleasant work environment that fosters an exchange of ideas and encourages everyone to participate and be involved.

Team Member


Would you like to join a dynamic and talented team and work in a stimulating environment? Send your CV to Nina Chernyshova, CRHA.


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